Material Logistics: Safe and efficient movement and supply of materials to and around site is at the core of our approach to site logistics. Our overarching vision eliminates the need for trade suppliers to move materials, allowing them to focus on production in a safe environment.

We optimize the efficiency of your entire supply chain. From sourcing and manufacturing through delivery and return, we apply precision technologies and extensive experience to formulate logistics solutions specifically targeted to meet your challenges. The guiding principles and objectives of the strategies behind our solutions are:

  • Deliver the right materials to the right place at the right time – “Just in Time” Methodology
  • Optimise site productivity
  • Minimise congestion on site
  • Optimise storage of those materials that are on site
  • Eradicate loss and damage of materials
  • Increase Health & Safety

Services we provide as part of our logistics solutions:

  • Control and management of materials flows onto and around site
  • Management and coordination of deliveries
  • Provision of plant, vehicles and other equipment
  • Rapid procurement of materials and other site resources
  • Provision of, manning and management of hoists and lifts
  • Supply and management crane services
  • Managing and maintaining site cleanliness

At keyPort we believe that to achieve our objectives and keep our clients happy we must act as “Advisor, Collaborator, and Partner.”One of the key tools for developing solid logistics operations is dialog. We assess the needs of your business in two ways. We act as an objective observer, and we maintain an ongoing conversation with you to ensure we have the complete picture.

The result is improved systems that are perfectly matched to the needs of you and your business.
Our Clients include; Governments, Hapex Engineering Ltd, Durokan Agro Allied Industries, JimDells Industries etc

Transportation Logistics: We understand that your supply chain needs are unique and that’s exactly why we’ve engaged the best minds in the industry to create specific solutions customized to suit your ever-changing operating environment specifically in a region like West Africa.

From precision design to seamless execution, our dedicated transportation professionals are engaged every step of the way to provide you with the most accurate and economical transportation arrangement the industry has to offer. We are a transportation services company that encompasses retail automotive sales and services, truck leasing, supply chain logistics management.

Full-Service Leasing to Your Advantage
A full-service lease helps you with the total control of your fleet operations and costs. KeyPort becomes an extension of your team, on call 24/7—allowing you more time to focus on satisfying your customers. From acquiring and leasing the right vehicle to complete maintenance and operating the safest and fully compliant fleet, we operate the best fleet in the business.

The Right Vehicle
We work with you to understand your delivery needs so we get the right vehicle for the job. We work with industry experts to specify all vehicle components to maximize uptime, mpg, ease of repair, & safety. Our volume purchasing provides premium delivery slots so you get your vehicles quickly.

We ensure proper maintenance by having standardized processes in servicing vehicles to maximize efficiency. From performing a PM's at regular intervals to analyzing fluids to identify "early warning" signs of wear/tear, we track all maintenance performance and schedules. We minimize parts inventory & costs while assuring availability.

Managing Vehicle Lifecycle
From choosing the right vehicles to maintenance, we have the strategies and metrics in place that get you the most from your vehicles and meet customer needs.

Operational Support
Your drivers are the people who keep your fleet safely on the road. We ensure your drivers get the training and services they need to operate safely and efficiently. And we provide additional support like fuel management to help keep your operations running smoothly and cost-effectively.
Operate Safely and in Compliance
We monitor changes and regulations from a variety of agencies to make sure your fleet is up-to-date and safe, and we train our staff(s) regularly to keep them informed of major changes in regulations and maintenance processes. 

PEOPLE LOGISTICS:  KeyPort Logistics offers a range of services, enabling its customers to maximize the time project staff spends at their workplace, ensuring they are well catered for and highly motivated. Getting workers to site safely, securely and efficiently is crucial to maximizing overall site productivity. In today's environment of large projects with restricted access, achieving this can be a major constraint on overall productivity.

On large projects, the quality, suitability and location of facilities and site also becomes critical to maintaining optimum levels of productivity. We determine project requirements and create systems of provision that strategically locate facilities, minimizing travel to and from the workplace.

Facilities are efficiently staffed and managed so that workers enjoy a healthy, productive and refreshing environment.

We also provide comprehensive site induction programs for all suppliers on site and lead the way in maintaining site culture. This is especially visible in our approach to Health & Safety. We employ trained and qualified Health & Safety instructors and use these to provide manual handling and other safety measures for onsite training to all staff.
Services we offer:

  • Management of parking facilities
  • Provision of bus service for site staff
  • Transport between landside and airside areas of airports
  • Drivers with deep knowledge of airside and airport
  • Managing non project personnel on and around site
  • Delivery and management of site catering and welfare provision
  • Management and maintenance of welfare facilities

KeyPort Logistics recruits and employs the highest calibre driver workforce around and provides them to private fleet, transportation and logistics companies on a temporary or fully-outsourced basis. Whether you need warehousing and distribution, order fulfillment, logistics and transportation management or material handling equipment we are your able partner.